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here is what my upstream says:
Shortly after midnight last night, Hurricane Electric experienced an issue with a core router. Work has been ongoing since that time. One of the effects of the incident has been an extraordinary increase in ARP traffic from their router being sent down my main fiber. There also appears to be intermittent momentary issues with various gateway IPs, and these two issues are likely related.

I'm not sure what a router outage has to do with increased arp traffic. At the freemont location, I'm on a shared network with other clients. Of course, this causes all sorts of hard to diagnose problems. At svtix, everything it routed to me, meaning that there are fewer mysterious layer two problems.

rest assured I'm giving my provider a hard time.

If anyone wants to move to svtix, I'll give you a months credit for doing so.

see also: provider claims it is fixed.

H.E. has informed me that that issue has been corrected, and traffic patterns do appear to be back to normal from where I sit. Thanks again for your patience on this, I will continue to monitor the situation for the time being.

billing issues

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so last time I ran the billing script was  01/25/09.   I ran it last night, to reasonably good effect.  the problem is that it only creates one invoice at a time, so customers will see invoices the next three times I run freeside-daily.  ugh.   so the question is this:  do I run freeside-daily 3 times to get the pain over with at once?  do I credit people some or all of the months I didn't bill for?

just to explain, I haven't been running the thing nightly as I should because I had some problems with canceled customers getting spammed by the billing script. 

looks like I'm running it 3 times

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