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we're still backlogged a little, so provisioning will be slower than usual for a while longer, but the delay shouldn't exceed 24 hours, so you can order now if you like.  
soon being within a small number of days.   Tuesday at the latest.  Cogent and IPv4 only, but it has been a reliable site for me.  the guy who runs rippleweb is pretty good.  
there is a 2 cpu quad-core 2.3Ghz shanghai opteron in my garage burning in as I write this.   When I get back from Chris' house Tusday, I'll bring it down to the co-lo.  (I'm waiting on power from the co-lo, too;  but I'm hoping that won't take too long.)

I've ordered 2 more supermicro 2-in-1u chassis ram and cpu for one of them, 2 more tyan n3600r boards, and many empty supermicro chassis.

I also bought 8 1.5tb hard drives. we should be set for hardware for a while.

new (old) SysAdmin

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My brother Will is coming back. He helped out in the early days of, so he should be able to come up to speed on our current stuff quickly. Hopefully this will help the ticket backlog.

my fault. I forgot to setup the xencontrol script when I set bull up.

it should be fixed now.  I was  going to  setup a puppet  config for the
dom0 so this sort of thing wont happen  this weekend, but obviously that
didn't  happen.

hopefully that will help clear the backlog

double billing

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invoices went out tonight to everyone who paid me yesterday.    Fortunately, I use paypal;  this means that unless you pay those invoices twice, you are not getting charged twice.   This is why I use paypal instead of credit cards;  because my billing system is not setup properly (I know that's no excuse for a billing system in pieces like this, but I think this is better than charging your credit cards twice) 

Current servers full

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I hope to have more capacity online by 22:00 PST tonight.  sorry if we missed your ticket.  

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