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Xen domains not starting up.

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worst-case I will reboot the server with a known-good xen kernel.  (I was using 3.4.2-rc;  I will downgrade to 3.4.1.) 

One way or another, the problem will be solved tonight.

Users who have not shut down are thusfar unaffected.  I will try to reboot without  interfering much with their operation.

I should have reported this the other night

Update:  rebooting branch (2:56 PST on Oct 19th.  )
update:  branch is up and everything is confirmed good (4:08 PSD on Oct 19th)

we've been having some mysterious packet loss issues that look a lot like we are oversubscribing a 50Mbps connection, but we're not. we have a 100Mbps commit on a gig port. Our upstream believes the problem to be with our router, so I've been working on it. anyhow, I found this in my foundry:

BR-charon#show ip traffic
IP Statistics
  1916350241 received, 52550054 sent, 585142657 forwarded
  629624 filtered, 67 fragmented, 78 reassembled, 2033812 bad header
  14173 no route, 0 unknown proto, 0 no buffer, 632845943 other errors

so we're swapping it out with a procurve 2824 with firmware that was fresh this year (downright modern!)

anyhow, there shouldn't be more than 120 seconds or so downtime for anyone. we're doing the move incrementally. It should be done tonight.

Update: we are done.

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