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replacing a bad disk in knife

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it's the old nvidia mcp55 chipset, so this involves a reboot.   

edit: this is still in progress... see  for exact timeline

edit: we are now done.   everyone on knife is back up.  expect degraded disk performance for the next day or so as the RAID rebuilds.  
which can cause your resolver to take a long time to time out.  I've pestered support.  If it's affecting you right now, remove nameserver  from your /etc/resolv.conf and use the backup.  

edit: support got back to me, they said:

Hi Luke,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

One of our system administrators has resolved the issue.
Your customer should be able to use it to resolve.

Thank you for your patience,

hydra is having some problems;  we're moving everyone off to a new server; the new server that we were going to add new users to, so ordering will be down a while longer/

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