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No downtime expected.  (fuller is now on the CentOS5-xen kernel, which should be able to get through rebuilding even a giant 2tb drive.  It's also raid10, which is a whole lot better for rebuilds like this than raid5 or 6) 

fuller and hydra rebuilding;  I've gotta go down to the parking substructure and get a fresh drive from the van for crock.

Fuller and hydra look good, crock is going to need a reboot.   Scheduling a reboot and kernel upgrade for 20:00 PST Friday evening. 

mysterious taney hang.

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my pager just went off;  taney was hung hard, and nothing has been in the serial console for months;  I'm trying to fix the serial console and then will bring up the xen guests

update 22:09 local time:   serial works in non-xen mode. 

update 22:13 local time:  I think I fixed the console for xen mode;  rebooting and bringing up xen guests.

update 22:26:  alll guests back up. 

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