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our homemade xen kernels will often hang  during disk rebuilds; we've upgraded almost all the dom0s to use the newer centos5-xen kernel, which works much better (except for IPv6.)   but not waite... so it hung during the disk rebuild.  I upgraded the kernel and it's back up and the disk is rebuilding.  
much like  - only my IPv4 routing is a lot less insane now, so for most of you it was a hiccup, not a full on outage like before, at least for IPv4.  The IPv6 routing still isn't great.

Note, for those of you on IP addresses,  you are in trouble. biruwa

hm.  That switch is getting kinda funky.  I rebooted it at the same time as my provider re-sat the cable, and the packets are now flowing.

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