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More downtime on javier

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so, it looks like the power cord we used was not sized for the retention bracket.   it got jostled.   I have no excuse.   

Was this the cause of the previous outages?   well, previous outages didn't correspond to cables getting moved here, and in previous outages, the server was powered up still when I got here, so... probably not.   

It's got a new power cable that is correctly sized for the retention bracket.  
So yeah. outage tonight.   the link from 55 s. market to 250 stockton needed emergency maintenance.  I buy this link from EGI;  I just buy a tagged port capped at 100Mbps on both ends.  It's not even qinq, I have a short list of vlans.    EGI buys (I think) a wave from XO.  the 'emergency maintenance' alert came down from XO to egi who forwarded it to me with 'scheduled maintenance event' as the subject.  

now, coresite, the place I buy datacenter space from alerts me whenever they do /anything/ to their power  "Planned maintenance, pokin' the batteries"   something like that.   Never had one of those actually impacted my service, so I didn't really read this carefully.   Until my pager goes off.    Yeah.   so XO says it's "emergency maintenance"   - if that was in the header, I'd have read it more closely.    

I mean, my fault for not reading it more closely.  (as-is, I'm almost out of 250 stockton, so it doesn't have redundant connectivity, so other than moving people ahead of time, there wasn't much I could do.) 

As I show up to 250 Stockton, though, I see 4 PG&E trucks departing;  one a giant flatbed with a backhoe on it.  Related? 

Anyhow, we're back, and anyone who had downtime?  contact me to arrange to be moved to the santa clara data center.

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