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New IPs for some dom0's and ipv6 for dom0's

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You'll be seeing new IPs for the dom0's at MPT that don't have one of our new ips soon.  Some are already done, and the rest will be done soon.  The old ips will also work for now.  They will be removed at a later date.

I'm also adding IPv6 addresses for all of our dom0's at MPT, SVTIX, and

Please let me know if you experience any issues.


Disk slowness on whetstone

| | Comments (1) is currently experiencing slow disk errors.

Luke has determined the cause is that whetstone has a bad drive in it's
RAID array. He has pulled the drive and will install a replacement
soon. Performance will be degraded for a while after the replacement is
installed while the array is rebuilding.

We will let you know when the rebuild is complete. Please check back on this blog entry for more updates.

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