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Now has Fedora, CentOS, EPEL, and Debian.  It has a cron job which should keep it updated.  At this time I don't have much more space on it's VM to add any other distros, although feel free to send me suggestions and I will consider them should we be able to allocate more space towards our mirror.

Any questions, please email me at

Nick Bebout
System Administrator, Inc. (old debian mirror) is gone

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So, for some reason I couldn't connect to and no one has maintained it for a while now, so I shut it down.  Apparently it has been taking care of itself for quite a while and was working just fine, and for some reason I just couldn't see anything there when I was looking to see if it was still up.

On a good note, I am setting up which will have Fedora, CentOS, EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux), and will probably be getting Debian on it, and maybe others, disk space permitting.

I suggest for now that you remove from your configuration files and use a generic mirror.  I will blog again when I get more added to

Once again:

mirror (no s) is good, new mirror
mirrors (with s) is the old only debian mirror which is gone.


Nick Bebout
System Administrator, Inc.

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