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crock reboot

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Crock crashed at 7:06 PST this morning, with the same "soft lockup detected on cpu #0" error we've seen before with it and some of the other dom0s, mostly running Xen 3.4 I think. I rebooted it now and domUs are starting to come back up.

Update: everybody on crock should be back up now except for one person whose menu.lst file seems to be unreadable. Email if you are still having trouble. Thanks.

knife reboot

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Knife crashed again and I suspect it was because of the "soft lockup" problem we have seen previously. I don't know for sure because its console server isn't part of the logging program we are using with other servers, so we really need to finish getting that integrated. Everybody on knife should be back up and running now though. Email if you are still having trouble. Thanks!

hamper reboot

| | Comments (0) rebooted now, and we don't have logging setup for its serial console so we may not be able to find out why. I'm looking at the logfiles though for other clues. I'll update here again when everybody on hamper is up and running again. We're also planning to setup conserver with logging for the servers at Fremont like it is at svtix, we should probably do that sooner because of this.
update: everybody should be back up now, except for one person who I emailed. Email support if you still have problems. Thanks!

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