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debian mirror

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Our current debian images are configured to use in /etc/apt/sources.list for package updates. Its normally a reliable server, but because its down right now we have setup on a vps for now running apt-cacher-ng for debian packages. Eventually we plan to setup a dedicated server for a full debian, centos and ubuntu mirror, but this will help while is down and until we get the hardware for the full mirror. To use, set this in /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb squeeze main
deb-src squeeze main

deb squeeze/updates main
deb-src squeeze/updates main
or just search and replace with If you are running debian lenny, make sure that is still set in the sources.list file also until you are ready to upgrade. Email if you have any questions. Thanks!
In the process of moving the xen dom0s from SVTIX to Market Post Tower, we have been using for routing at both data centers. We have a  router setup now at Market Post Tower also ( and on Friday night we plan to move the gateway addresses for the xen subnets to the new router.

The downtime for this should be separate for each subnet, and should only last a few minutes. Once that is done, we will move the address that our upstream routes to over to shinjuku and route the remaining subnets for colocation back to sphinx at SVTIX. This will mean downtime for everyone at SVTIX and Market Post Tower, and should also only take a few minutes. We will then reboot shinjuku to make sure all the settings are saved correctly.

After this is all working, we plan to start using BGP at Market Post Tower, and eventually also SVTIX. We're planning on having additional transit providers at both data centers also, so it should help with the problems caused by the XO leased line earlier this year. Thanks, and please email if you have any questions.

we plan on starting this at 21:00, and only the network will be disturbed;  all guests will remain unmolested (save for a short network outage)

This went badly.   Shinjuku didn't start again after it had the new configuration, so we rolled back to the old router.  sorry.

bull is down again after the move

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It looks like bull went down around 11:30 Pacific Time here on Tuesday, with no errors on the console. I suspect a power supply or other hardware failure, because when we first turned it on there was a loud pop. Trying again a few minutes later worked, but resetting the power port now doesn't help. Luke is going to try to put its disks in a newer system.

We will update here when its working again, and users on bull should get a free month also. Please email if you have any questions. Thanks.

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I've got a spare PSU, and if that doesn't work I have a whole spare server that is largely identical to bull; I'll just swap the disks and be done with it. 

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I swapped the PSU and bull is coming back online.

edit at 02:51 by Luke:

all customers on bull are back up.

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