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mares crashed

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This morning crashed with this message on the console:
(XEN) MCE: The hardware reports a non fatal, correctable incident occured on CPU 0.
(XEN) Bank 4: dc0c4000fe080813[c008000401000000] at        363fe9000
so it does seem to have been mostly fatal. I was able to switch input to the hypervisor from the dom0 kernel and gave the command to reboot, but it didn't seem to do anything so after a few minutes I reset the power port. Its booting up again now. We haven't put any new customers on mares for a long time, and we are hoping to get rid of it soon! -Nick

stone reboot again

| | Comments (0) had another hard drive fail and it wasn't dropped from the raid, the system just hung instead. We rebooted it and will be replacing the failed drive later today or Saturday.

DDoS attack

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Starting at about  8pm Pacific time, a vps on taney was the target of a DDoS attack. Our upstream provider EGI Hosting blocked it, and we have notified the customer. is down

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Sometime last night hydra stopped responding, and on Friday it had a disk error. I rebooted it now into single user mode and the raid is rebuilding which might be because of the earlier disk error. When this finishes it maybe able to reboot properly again or we might replace some of its hardware.
Update: We have replaced a hard drive in hydra, and rebuilt the drives, and the guests are starting up again now.

hydra is back.

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