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reboot crock to fix ipv6

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We are doing a clean reboot of crock, because there has been a problem with bridging ipv6. I suspect it is because the bridge setup scripts being mismatched with the kernel upgrade a while ago, so they are now matching and hopefully it will fix the ipv6 problem on crock.

Update: crock is back up now, but the problem is still not fixed. 

routing change for mpt users

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Over the next few days the vps users on servers at Market Post Tower will have their gateway ip addresses moved from the router manticore to the router gryphon. Currently those vlans are carried over EGI's network to SVTIX where manticore is, but when we move the gateway ips to gryphon at SVTIX, we can route the traffic over one vlan to manticore or other providers we connect to at MPT. This will also allow EGI to stop carrying our local traffic between SVTIX and MPT, and we won't take so many of their vlans so it will help them as well. If your vps is on the following servers, you will be affected for only a few seconds when we move the address to the new router:
mares, bull, cerberus, apples, council, bowl, branch, robe, jewel, seashell, hydra, beak, dao, waite, gladwynn, , sword, horn, chariot, halter, knife, cauldron, crock, coat, whetstone, dish, mantle, pearl, lozenges, chime, coins, chessboard, jay, rutledge, taney, marshall
We will also ping the addresses in the subnet before and after moving it, so it will help us if your vps responds to ping over ipv4 and ipv6. Thanks!

Update: This didn't go well with the first subnet I tried, so I put it back on manticore. I'm guessing the problem is with using ospf redistribute connected instead of passive ospf interfaces, but I need to experiment more. The connected route on manticore didn't seem to properly disappear when removing the address, or the route from gryphon by ospf get added to manticore's routing table.

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