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Final(?) status update for boutros

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By using iostat, unmounted drives, and dd we were able to determine that the partition tables all should have been on the mirror slot 0 and slot 1 (/dev/sda and /dev/sdb) from the original machine.  Neither of these were the original disk failure.

Because slot 0 fell out of the raid on the original machine and was re-added later, it would have been rebuilt off of slot 1.  It is possible though highly unlikely that there could have been some silent corruption on slot 1. 

We will be testing 99-raid-check, a script which checks for data mismatches within the raid to see if it unacceptably hurts performance.  The unmodified script will only run when the array is idle but for it will have to run when the array is not idle.  If it does not significantly hurt performance, typically it will run every week.

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