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Scheduled downtime on mantle

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UPDATE 21:42 PST: guests are booting. Everyone should be back up shortly.
UPDATE: grub was not installed on all the drives that were replaced last time and needs to be updated.  New ETA for everyone coming up is 21:50 PST(-0700).
There will be scheduled downtime on mantle for Sunday 2014-03-30 20:00 PST(-0700).  We have allocated approximately one hour.  If there is extended down time beyond the scope estimated we will post updates here and/or send out emails to affected users.

Note for Arch Linux users

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Leo Franchi, the one user who didn't come back up after the move from taft, had custom compiled his kernel because he was having trouble with one of the ones from Arch.  He has since moved to their xen LTS kernel. If you are using Arch we recommend you try this kernel first unless you have a strong reason to compile your own. Thanks to Leo for pointing this out.

All customers previously on taft have been moved.  Every instance, except for one running what is probably a custom compiled kernel, is up and running.  Affected customers can access the management console by ssh with the credentials <user>@<user>

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