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branch down as of 6:10PDT

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UPDATE: The VM were back up as of about 8:15PDT.
Branch had a hardware failure and the 14 VMs still on branch are being moved to new hardware.
On wilson, despite it having a 1Gbps card, the link is running at 100Mbps. I am looking into why on the switch the speed is 1Gbps and there were no dropped packets, but probably the port is mislabeled in the switch configuration.

I am scheduling downtime at 20:00 PDT on Saturday July 11th for someone to change the physical port and the cable. The downtime should be minimal, probably a minute or less.

wilson packet loss

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There was intermittant packet loss on wilson between approximately 16:10 and 16:25 PDT, likely related to inbound traffic. There was one particular VM who was the destination, however I believe should have been possible for wilson to manage that amount of traffic so we'll review the full data path.

knife down

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UPDATE: 12:18PM: everyone is back up as of a fewer minutes ago on much newer hardware.

UPDATE 10:23AM: knife hardware has bit the dust. Luke is figuring out an alternative.
As of 9:16AM PDT. Luke is looking at it. 25 VMs are effected.

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