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looks like there is something wrong with our hack to import  paypal payments to freeside, and we are getting complaints of double billing.  sorry.   We will have this sorted out shortly.  

double billing

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invoices went out tonight to everyone who paid me yesterday.    Fortunately, I use paypal;  this means that unless you pay those invoices twice, you are not getting charged twice.   This is why I use paypal instead of credit cards;  because my billing system is not setup properly (I know that's no excuse for a billing system in pieces like this, but I think this is better than charging your credit cards twice) 

billing issues

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so last time I ran the billing script was  01/25/09.   I ran it last night, to reasonably good effect.  the problem is that it only creates one invoice at a time, so customers will see invoices the next three times I run freeside-daily.  ugh.   so the question is this:  do I run freeside-daily 3 times to get the pain over with at once?  do I credit people some or all of the months I didn't bill for?

just to explain, I haven't been running the thing nightly as I should because I had some problems with canceled customers getting spammed by the billing script. 

looks like I'm running it 3 times

I've got freeside working, after a fashon, and I've fixed to point at the freeside system. 

I'm still running the 'first month free' deal, but I'm charging a $1 setup fee.

paypal subscriptions appear to no longer work. the user thinks s/he signed up, they get a subscription number, but paypal doesn't see it. Calling paypal, of course, is of no help whatsoever.

I'm attempting now to setup a FreeSide billing system as we speak, as that should give me more flexability anyhow. The paypal subscriptions are... incomplete.

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