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rebooting cattle and girdle

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Cattle and girdle both have failed disks in their raid mirrors. We will need to reboot them this afternoon (in the next few hours) to replace the disks, because hot swap sata is broken in the sata_nv nvidia chipset driver. If all goes well everything will be back up by 5 pm pacific time and the raid will be rebuilding, so there will be slow io for some time.

Edit:  there was a problem;  we brought the wrong disk.  cattle and girdle were built back when we were using consumer grade drives like morons, and we sized the raid for 1.5tb disks... so the 1tb 'enterprise' disks won't work without a /whole lot/ of work.  We ended up hitting frys and buying two more 2tb 'consumer grade' disks that we'll just short-stroke down to 1.5tb, 'cause they didn't have any 1.5tb disks that were faster than 6000rpm... the last disks lasted north of a year;  if we can get another year out of these new disks, I'll be happy. 

Anyhow, cattle is coming back up as we speak;  when cattle is up we will shut down girdle and replace that drive, too. 

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