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unplanned reboot of coloma

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Coloma is my old i386-PAE box.  dual xeons in a supermicro chassis.   kinda, well, old. 

There were three problems.   First, I let the userland xen tools get out of sync with the kernel.  (uncontrolled yum update is not a good thing)    Second,  on this old box I never tested the 'save domains on reboot' functionality (on the new servers, if I reboot the dom0, it does an 'xm save' on every running DomU, and an 'xm restore' upon reboot, meaning that rather than seeing a reboot, the DomU owner might notice that the DomU was unavailable for 5-10 minutes, but everything that was running on it before was still running-  it would be like unplugging the ethernet cable for a while and plugging it back in)    The third (and perhaps largest) problem was that I rebooted the server to deal with the first problem without scheduling it  (would have *maybe* been acceptable (but not good) on the new servers, but on the old ones, this was a mistake.) 

I'll schedule things better in the future. 
Tahoe has problems, the worst of which are 32-on-64 problems, but it's also not mirrored, so I'm trying to move everything off of it.  Tonight I moved the main webserver and the movable type server (which is called, for historical reasons.   our mediawiki server is  I re-ip'd both, and both are running on both old and new servers until DNS finishes updating.  I moved http to a brand new 64-bit image on boar at  it should be much more reliable.  I moved wiki to Coloma, a native i386-PAE box hosted at rippleweb in Sacramento. 

Customers on tahoe are encouraged to move to new servers;

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