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I'm moving all the servers at into one rack. Irritating, I know, but it makes server management much easer, and I'll have more control over the network.

Unless I screw up the dhcp server (like I did last time) you should not notice anything more than being unreachable for 30 minutes. The server should automatically save and then restore your domain, with all programs running. If you get rebooted, I screwed something up.

rdns for fixed

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I had a messed up $ORGIN statement, so rdns has never been working on those addresses.  It's  working now

rebooting hydra and lion

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if I do it right, all you will notice is 5 minutes of inactivity, as Xen is configured to save all the DomUs to disk.  (much like how you can  hibernate your laptop)

In the spirit of "only make each mistake once" we are installing serial consoles after the problem on boar the other day.   We will also be upgrading dom0 kernels to the centos latest.

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