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So we are preparing to move our servers from svtix to market post tower. We are going to change some of our vlan numbers during the move so we can share vlan number space with egi and run vlans over their network between the 2 sites. I changed one of the vlan numbers that I didn't think would affect the routing for everything here, but it did.

 Luckily I was able to get to SVTIX pretty quickly and fix it within an hour, but of course it was a stupid mistake and I should have done it when I was already here. I'm still planning to be here tomorrow for more of this work, which is when I should have done this, but users should be prepared for another shorter outage tomorrow. We are going to move our port with egi to a tagged port so that we can run more vlans over it for moving the servers. Anyway, sorry for the trouble. I should really know better, and in the future I will make sure to do these changes when I'm on site.
Last night our provider's (rippleweb at the herakles data center in sacramento) pdu reset somehow that cycled all of the power ports. Apparently, when they moved our servers to a different room, they also put them on a different kind of pdu than they used before and it has problems. Now they have replaced it with the old kind of pdu. Everybody should be back up by now, email us if you are still having trouble. The raid is also resyncing, so expect slow disk performance until that is done. Thanks.

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