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twirling towards prosperity.

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The fact that Xen's been ported to a less-antediluvian kernel version really makes me feel a lot more comfortable with the entire project.

Obviously I should be keeping up with this stuff better, but the truth is that OpenSUSE tends to slip under my radar -- it's another RPM distro in my mind, and so has to compete with RedHat and Fedora for my testing time.  But today Luke casually mentioned that "some distro, like SUSE or something" was using a newer kernel version for the dom0.

And that's huge.  One of my biggest worries about the long-term viability of Xen is that most installations of it are based on a kernel whose source was copied verbatim from Sumerian clay tablets.  Now that we have known, running, major distro instances relying on kernel.org code -- let's just say I feel more comfortable recommending the platform.

return to the primitive.

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Hey, look, I exist again.

Luke and I have decided to hole up in my tiny apartment and get this thing finished.  We have sworn mighty, some would even say blasphemous oaths regarding our targets for the weekend, and I think we're doing pretty well.  Considering we just came off a couple months of hiatus.

(Our publisher has a great deal to do with this.  Have I ever mentioned the role of the Japanese editor?  It involves a lot more babysitting that the Western counterpart.)

Anyway, we're knocking stuff out at a good pace.  Today I found a nice article about the vTPM (from this year, even,) and Luke suggested that I write a blog post about it.

And here you go: http://cybione.org/~cdidier/log/200901221025.html

Suddenly I feel like we might include more information about the TPM.  Have to play with the test boxes some more.

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