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Writing quote of the day:

"i mean, we shouldn't slavishly avoid double negatives when they make our meaning less unclear."

Take that, English language.
The sole problem that I had setting up a pvops domU on a pvops dom0 (mostly following the instructions at ) was in trying to get the Ubuntu domU's console to work.  Eventually I solved it by adding an 'hvc0' file to the domU's /etc/event.d/ directory, like this:

# cd /etc/event.d
# cp tty1 hvc0
# sed -i -e "s/tty1/xvc0/g" hvc0

(Credit to Mr. bderzhavets, again.  There's  a  lot of good and useful information there.)

I also included an "extra='xencons=tty'" in the domU config.  (I believe.  Might have been hvc.  Try it and see.)

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