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migrate yourself.

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We're trying to move everyone off of mares because we are evil and oppressive hosts.  But I hate scheduling moves, especially since I've got a day job and don't like working nights.

So.  We have decided to throw technology at the problem.  I wrote up a move script based on the previously-existing (but still not rolled out) backup and restore scripts, and enabled it for some lucky users.

(Unfortunately, while this solves the scheduling problem, it introduces a new problem: users either wait for someone else to try it, or they hit amazing, horrible bugs.  Meanwhile I tear my hair out.)

But hey.  It's something.  We really do need to clear people off mares.  So if you got that email, you might want to give the move a shot.  (And your data is totally safe. . . in fact, extra-safe, because the move generates a backup.  Two backups if successful.)

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