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migrate yourself, part 2.

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Finally had a successful migration, end-to-end, without administrator intervention.

Several things developed over the course of this testing.

  1. we need config management more than ever.
  2. the migration script doesn't bother with /etc/sudoers.  this is a problem.
  3. full paths, please.
  4. corollary: sudo doesn't source .profile et. al, so your path will stay the same.
  5. we still haven't caught all the error conditions that should cause us to bail out and run the cleanup function.
But still.  Success.  Now, if the rest of you on mares would just get moving, that would be just tops.  (And if you're on mares but didn't get the move email, drop a message on support@prgmr.com.)

(Also, a hearty "thank you" to user aahmedi, who tested the migration script over several frustrating back-and-forth intervals via email.  (Didn't work.  Try again now.  Still doesn't work.  Okay, try again.  Nope.  How about now?  And so forth.)

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