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project plowshare.

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Wow, it's been a while since the last time I wrote here.  I'm not apologizing or anything -- we've got good reasons for that.  Ish.  Good-ish.  Anyway.

First, most exciting, the book is done.  That's writing, tech review, copyedit, layout, and proofreading, with the attendant reviews by us at each step.  It looks increasingly real, and it's actually pretty scary.  Look for it in stores this year.  Ask for it by name.  Any customers who buy it shall have such thanks as befit a king's remembrance.

Second, prgmr's been growing at a pretty intense clip.  That's not really an excuse, but we're pretty happy with how things have been going, so it bears mentioning.

Finally, I've been taking a break from virtualization.  I spent several months in there saying "I want this book to be somebody else's problem," and so I basically headed off for a break as soon as humanly possible.  In spirit at least, if not in body.  But I think I'm over that now, and we've got a lot more to work on here.

More on future plans later.

bork bork bork.

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My overuse of adverbs makes me sick.  There are a bunch of writing sins I can't seem to escape.  I think the constantly-iterated editing process is helping the book, though.

As to actual status, I told Luke to look at and send off Chapter 3 for copyedit.  I looked at Chapter 9 yesterday and felt like chopping my fingers off at the first joint -- but that should be ready for copyedit tomorrow.

Book Progress.

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I am a poor bookkeeper. I will try to keep this status page updated.
  • 0-introduction,1-overview, 04-storage, 05-networking, 13-windows - finalized.
  • nothing- in our 'post-copyedit' review queue, for chris and luke to look at.
  • 2,11,12 - in the copyedit queue for no-starch
  • 3,6,7,8- back from tech review for pre-copyedit review by Chris and Luke
  • 9 - in tech review queue for Rami
  • 15 - almost done (almost ready for TR)
  • 10,14 - still have some work to do.

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