UPDATE 02:37: Our BGP session with NTT is up.

UPDATE 01:22: Further information from HE.net was that they received a BGP cease message. It hasn’t been specified yet if that was related to our router reboot. We have added additional logging on our end that should show more details in the future. The problem occurring and clearing up did not correlate with our router reboot.

We have set up our side of the NTT link but NTT tells us they have not set up their end. We don’t have an ETA for when that will be in place. It is not clear though that having another upstream would have helped in this particular case.

There was a network outage starting about 20:25 PDT -0700. We don’t know root cause except that it was likely on HE.net’s end.

This is on us as we had a NTT uplink provisioned but not set up as we wanted to schedule potential downtime a decent amount in advance and other sources of downtime, most notably the XSAs, kept using up our budget for the month. Tonight it is going to get set up regardless.