UPDATE 2:12 -0800: Connectivity with HE.net was restored as of about 2:08.

UPDATE 1:50 -0800: Apparently this was due to scheduled maintenance, but we’re not aware of receiving any notifications of such maintenance. We will do whatever is required to get the right email addresses subscribed for HE.net’s notifications, assuming one was sent.

Our connection with HE.net is down. Customers with an IP owned by prgmr.com had a brief interruption of about 3 minutes while this information propogated, but customers with an IP address owned by HE.net are still down. I assume one of their routers went out because the BGP status under lg.he.net shows no connections at all.

All customers have been allocated an IP owned by prgmr.com. If you received an email about this within the last few months, have not switched, and need help switching please write support.