Several distributions have released recently, so we have updated our distribution images and netboot installers. Here is the list of new releases:

  • Fedora 26
  • Ubuntu Artful 17.10
  • FreeBSD 11.1
  • NetBSD 7.1
  • OpenBSD 6.2

If you decide to install Ubuntu Artful, we’ve made a couple of changes to the default install. The distribution originally shipped with systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved used for network management and name resolution, respectively. We have disabled them both in our image. Network interfaces are instead configured with the widely-known ifupdown method used in several other distros we support, and resolvconf is used for managing the /etc/resolv.conf file.

In September of 2017, we discovered that CentOS 7.4 does not boot for paravirtualized guests. When we updated our CentOS 7 image, we needed it to work for both PV and HVM customers, so we are now using the kernel from the CentOS Plus repository, rather than the stock CentOS 7 kernel.

As usual, the source can be found at prgmr-image-source on GitHub.