Here at, we are thankful for our friends and family. We are also thankful for the open source community and for the openness and interoperability of the internet.

Therefore, if you pay for VPS services from on any day from Thanksgiving through Giving Tuesday this year, we’ll donate 10% of your purchase to an organization or project you choose from the following list:

In the tradition of, this program applies both for new signups and existing services.

You must explicitly choose one of these projects, either during signup or from your account for a donation to be made on your behalf.

We will wait at least 7 days before making any donations in order to honor our 7 day money-back guarantee, but all donations will be made by the end of 2017. Payments used for donations cannot be refunded.

You’ll notice two things about the above list. The first is that organizations associated with many of the distributions we offer are missing. They either can’t directly accept donations or won’t accept donations below a certain amount and we’ll need to make alternate arrangements before offering to collect funds on their behalf.

The second is that we put in an entry for Linux kernel development, but not associated with any organization. We would like to gauge interest in a VPS company that puts the majority of its excess capital towards direct contributions back to open source software rather than into the pockets of investors. To start, unless someone else fixes it first, any contributions earmarked for this will go towards upstreaming a fix for a Denial of Service vulnerability in Linux bridges. This DOS affects software like OpenWRT and was first documented back in 2013. We’ve mitigated it for our own infrastructure but would like to see a fix available to all of the Linux community.