We made two new additions to our distribution images and netboot installers:

  • Fedora 29
  • Arch Linux 2018.11.01 (netboot installer only, HVM only)

Several years ago, we tried adding an Arch Linux netboot installer. At the time it started sshd on boot and allowed root login without a password. A test VPS running the installer was compromised and starting sending spam. After this incident we removed the Arch netboot installer.

Arch has since fixed their install media. It does not start sshd by default at boot, and if sshd is started manually while the installer is booted, root login is not allowed until root sets a password.

We really appreciate Arch Linux for taking these steps. In addition to the netboot installer, a pre-built image that can be automatically installed is also in the works. We’ll post an update when it is done.

We are not deploying these to our legacy systems, so if you are on a legacy system (one whose management console lacks the “install new OS image” option) please write support@ to have your VPS moved.