We made several updates and one addition to our distribution images and netboot installers:

  • We now provide an installable Arch Linux image, and customers will be able to order or reinstall a VPS with Arch Linux.
  • Our rescue image is now based on Debian Stretch, rather than Debian Jessie.
  • The Arch Linux netboot installer was updated to 2019.04.01.
  • The Alpine Linux netboot installer was updated to the 3.9.2 release.
  • The docker variants of Ubuntu Bionic and CentOS 7 were rebuilt for CVE-2019-5736.
  • All of our Debian and Ubuntu images were rebuilt for CVE-2019-3462.
  • Debian Jessie images no longer contain jessie-updates in /etc/apt/sources.list, because the Debian FTP masters pulled it from Debian’s FTP site in March. Security updates are still provided, however.

These distribution images and netboot installers are available from the management console of any Prgmr.com VPS.