We made several updates to our distribution images and netboot installers:

  • Fedora 30 has been added, and Fedora 28 has been removed.
  • Ubuntu Disco 19.04 has been added. Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 and Ubuntu Cosmic 18.10 were removed, though Trusty is still available as a netboot installer.
  • The Arch Linux install ISO was upgraded to the 2019.05.02 version, and the image was rebuilt.
  • The OpenBSD installer was updated to OpenBSD 6.5.
  • The NixOS installer was updated to NixOS 2019.03.
  • Docker images were rebuilt to use the overlay2 storage driver.

Fedora 30 changed their bootloader configuration to use the Boot Loader Specification. You can read about that change on this page from the Fedora wiki. PV bootloaders aren’t compatible with this change, so we no longer support Fedora 30 for PV VPSes. If you have a PV VPS and you wish to install or upgrade to Fedora 30, please write support@prgmr.com and ask us to do a PV-to-HVM conversion.

While testing a routine rebuild of our Ubuntu Bionic image with Docker pre-installed, I discovered a message in system logs stating that the devicemapper storage driver is now deprecated. Since we do not know when devicemapper support will be removed, it seemed prudent to change our two Docker variants to use the overlay2 storage driver. We also switched to using a single-partition disk layout, consistent with all of our other Linux distributions.

Our distribution images and netboot installers are available from the management console of any Prgmr.com VPS.