We have rebuilt all of the tarballs and images for our supported distributions, to include in-kernel mitigations for the MDS side-channel attacks described in our recent MDS blog post. Items of note include:

  • NetBSD was updated to NetBSD 8.1. The previous NetBSD 7.2 and NetBSD 8.0 releases were removed, since they lack the MDS mitigations.
  • CentOS 6 is now only available for HVM systems. See below.
  • Both Ubuntu Bionic and Ubuntu Bionic with Docker Preinstalled were rebuilt with a 5.0 kernel.
  • Arch Linux was updated to 2019.06.01.

The CentOS 6 kernel no longer boots cleanly on systems that use PV virtualization, unless a command-line flag is supplied. This issue has not been fixed, and to the best of our knowledge, there are no plans to fix it. With this round of distribution updates, CentOS 6 is only available for VPSes using HVM virtualization.

If you have an existing CentOS 6 VPS that uses PV, you can still upgrade to the latest kernel from within the VPS, but you will need to ensure that the option eagerfpu=off is added to all of your kernel command lines in /boot/grub/menu.lst. Alternatively, reach out to support@prgmr.com and ask us about PV to HVM conversion.

During testing last month, we discovered that the 4.15.0 kernel for Ubuntu Bionic contained a bug related to live migration. We rebuilt both variants of our Bionic tarballs to use a 5.0 kernel instead. See the live migration page on our wiki for more discussion of that issue.

Our distribution images and netboot installers are available from the management console of any Prgmr.com VPS.