We have rebuilt most of the tarballs and images for our supported distributions, to include in-kernel mitigations for the SWAPGS vulnerability disclosed at the end of July. The CentOS 7 kernel has not yet been patched, so CentOS 7 wasn’t updated in this release. We build our Ubuntu Bionic images with a 5.0 kernel, and Ubuntu’s 5.0 kernel package for Bionic has also not been patched. None of our BSD images or installers are patched for SWAPGS.

We made the following additions:

  • FreeBSD 11.x was updated to FreeBSD 11.3.
  • Alpine Linux was updated to the 3.10.1 release.
  • The Arch Linux ISO is updated to 2019.08.01, and our tarball was rebuilt with updated packages.

Finally we fixed an issue with our build of Debian Buster. A customer wrote us reporting that apt-get update was failing, due to a deb-src line in /etc/apt/sources.list pointing to mirror.prgmr.com. We don’t mirror Debian’s sources, so apt-get was failing when it tried to pull from a non-existent repository. We now remove these entries from /etc/apt/sources.list at build-time.

Our distribution images and netboot installers are available from the management console of any Prgmr.com VPS.