The following distributions/installers have been updated:

Additionally, Fedora 29 has been removed, since it is end-of-life.

Notable Changes to Alpine Linux

The following changes were made in the 3.11 series which may be of interest to operators of a VPS. See the Alpine 3.11.0 release announcement for more.

  • Linux 5.4 kernel (linux-lts)
  • Rust is available on all architectures except s390x

Notes for Upgrading to Alpine Linux 3.11.x

  • linux-vanilla has been removed. Install linux-lts when upgrading.
  • Python 2 is deprecated. Majority of Python 2 packages was removed and will be completely removed in next release.
  • Packages now use /var/mail instead of /var/spool/mail, in accordance with FHS
  • clamav-libunrar is no longer a hard dependency of clamav and needs to be manually installed.

Notable NetBSD Changes

Here are some of the NetBSD improvements mentioned in the release notes linked above, which may be of interest to people with a VPS.

  • Support for Kernel ASLR, on x86 64-bit, via the new GENERIC_KASLR kernel configuration file.
  • Support for KLEAK, a new feature able to detect kernel memory disclosures, with initial support for amd64.
  • Support for Kernel Address Sanitizer (KASAN), on amd64 and aarch64. This feature allows the kernel to detect illegal memory accesses, such as buffer overflows, stack overflows and use-after-frees.
  • Support for Kernel Undefined Behavior Sanitizer (KUBSAN), this feature allows the kernel to detect several classes of undefined behavior.
  • Support for Kernel Coverage (KCOV), on amd64. This drivers allows fuzzers to collect kernel coverage to improve fuzzing inputs.
  • Support for userland sanitizers, with new configurations allowing to run the entire userland stack with sanitizers.
  • Kernel Heap Hardening, making it harder to exploit several classes of memory bugs.
  • Audited network stack, bringing more confidence in the networking components of the kernel.
  • Many improvements in NPF, including new features, bug fixes, better documentation, and increased performance with a new lookup algorithm (thmap). NPF is now enabled by default.
  • Updated ZFS. This is the first release with ZFS usable for daily use, but there is no support for booting from ZFS nor using ZFS as root filesystem yet.

Note that Alpine Linux is only available as a netboot installer to customers with a VPS using HVM virtualization. NetBSD is only available to customers with a VPS using PV virtualization. To check your virtualization mode, use the “system details” option of the main menu of your management console, and look for the “virtualization mode” line.

Our distribution images and netboot installers are available from the management console of any VPS.