Last Saturday, as announced earlier, we deployed new versions of our billing and maintenance console software.

The major public facing feature is that support for ED25119 SSH keys were added. We now support RSA, ECDSA, and ED25119 SSH keys.

Here are the other public facing changes:

  • QR codes for two-factor authentication previously were generated by Google Charts, which is the OTP QR code implementation shipped by our billing system provider. We now generate the OTP QR codes locally using a thin library on top of phpqrcode. We have released this library for public use. The motivation for this change was to reduce data sent to third parties and to have control over the image caching policy.
  • We fixed a bug where sometimes transactions from Square were not being registered with the billing system.
  • We fixed another bug where paying too many invoices at once with Square would not work.

Internal improvements included switching to Python 3 from Python 2 and using SHA256 based TLS certificates for all of our internal components, not just a subset.

If you encounter any issues, please contact support.