The OpenBSD installer has been updated to OpenBSD 6.7. Notable changes include:

  • Implemented “strip” option in httpd.conf(5) for fastcgi to be able to have multiple chroots under /var/www for FastCGI servers.
  • Changed httpd(8) to send a 408 response when a timeout happens while headers are being received, but close the connection if no request is received.

Have a look at the OpenBSD 6.7 release notes for more details.

If you experience a crash on a prgmr VPS running a previous version of OpenBSD, upgrading to 6.7 may help. Please refer to the OpenBSD Upgrade Guide.

If you’re interested in running OpenBSD on, please see our wiki page on OpenBSD.

Note that the OpenBSD installer is only available for VPSes with HVM virtualization. The virtualization type can be checked from the ‘system details’ option of the management console. If your VPS uses PV and you are interested in a conversion to HVM, please write