• Alpine Linux has been updated to 3.12.1
  • OpenBSD has been updated to 6.8
  • NetBSD has been updated to 9.1

Alpine Linux

We have updated the Alpine Linux installer to 3.12.1. See the Alpine Linux 3.12.1 release announcement for more details. A few highlights from their announcement include:

  • LTS kernel upgraded to 5.4.70
  • PHP updated to 7.3.22
  • python3 updated to 3.8.5


We have updated our netboot installers and documentation to include NetBSD 9.1. Notable changes include:

  • Improvements to ZFS, LFS
  • Improvements to NPF firewall
  • Fixes to GCC, OpenSSL, and tzdata


The OpenBSD installer has been updated to OpenBSD 6.8. Some changes include:

  • Wireguard (vpn) driver included in kernel
  • OpenSSH updated to 8.4
  • LibreSSL updated to 3.2.2
  • Introduced a “dark mode” for directory listings and error pages in httpd


Our distribution images and installers are available from the management console of any VPS.

Note that Alpine Linux and OpenBSD are only available for services that use HVM virtualization. NetBSD is only available for services that use PV virtualization. To check the virtualization mode of existing services, log in to the management console, select “system details”, and check the virtualization mode.