We have updated our FreeBSD distribution image and netboot installer to 13.0. Notable changes include:

  • Userland
    • optional enforcement of W^X memory mapping policy for user processes
      • set sysctls kern.elf32.allow_wx and kern.elf64.allow_wx to 0
    • improvements to calendar, daemon, freebsd-update, and many others
    • Clang, LLVM, and related packages upgraded to version 11.0.1
  • Kernel
    • kernel support for AESNI (for use with geli)
    • netgdb added to allow over-network debugging of the kernel via GDB
  • Networking
    • ktls support added, allowing offloading of AES encryption and decryption of network traffic to the kernel
    • improved route handling

Our distribution images and netboot installers are available from the management console of any Prgmr.com VPS.