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Since 2005

Transit at Coresite Santa Clara SV4

Flat-rate, unmetered ports, AS47066 blend

Ordering is down for all of these products until I instantiate a reasonable policy for checking abuse handling references, and for dealing with repeated DoS attacks.

Port speedmonthly costsetup fee

95th percentile ports, AS47066 blend

Port speedcommitsetup feemonthly cost
1000Mbps200Mbps$500 ($300 credit towards overages)$200

ports billed on total transit, AS47066 blend

Port speedincluded transferCost per gigabytesetup feeMonthly port cost
100Mbps5,000 gigabytes$0.01$50$50
1000Mbps30,000 gigabytes$0.01$500 ($300 credit towards overages)$150

For our 95th percentile customers on AS47066, you have a choice of paying $1.00 per megabit on the overage or being capped at your commit when you hit your 95th percentile. Being capped means that either we change your port speed /or/ you must use my software routers capable of limiting you in a more gentile manner.

As usual, you must cover the cost of any cross connect. Cross connects to nearby space rented from prgmr.com are free, and if you are upgrading an existing prgmr.com 10Mbps port that came with a San Jose co-location package, take $50 off the price.

10Mbps and 100Mbps ports are available now.
  • all ports come with up to a /29 of IPv4 and a /48 of IPv6 at no extra charge. (I will SWIP these addresses to you; ARIN rules for justification and contact info must be followed.)
  • Your traffic will be routed to your very own unshared vlan, so you won't see other people's broadcast traffic. (if you want multiple ports on the same vlan, say so. If you have co-location with us, we can place your servers on the same VLAN.)
  • If you have a /24 or larger block of IPs, BGP is included at no extra cost. (If you want me to provide the /24, there is an extra charge for the IP addresses. ) Your router or mine. Full view available.
  • If you wish to run your own BGP server and peer directly with my upstreams, we can set that up no problem. I have multiple BGP servers, and there's no reason why yours can't be one of them.

For the other stuff on this page, well, I had a goal of taking the negotiation out of the co-location pricing process. Next, I'll automate putting packages together for a multi-service "quote" and give you access to that so you can make your own 'quote' without making me do work, and without making you guess where the costs are. But 'next' clearly, is a long way off. I'm focusing on the Virtual Private Server business for now, so if you want something, email me and we'll see.

Note, right now my only upstream is he.net. the bit I wrote about the AS47066 blend was written when I had a second upstream, of which we will not speak. This does suck, and if someone wanted to propose a bandwidth trading agreement, I'd be game.