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Please Note, the 64M option is an 'advanced option' - we don't have any distros setup that work well in 64 megabytes. You can strip down most distros to the point where they will work well, we just have yet to do so. If you still want to order it, contact support@prgmr.com.

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price for 1 monthprice for 6 monthsprice for a yearramDiskNetwork transfer
$5$27$48 64MiB1.5GiB10GiB

Xen Virtual Private Servers.

  • Simple plans
  • No overage charges
  • SSH based management and serial console
  • Run any OS supporting Xen paravirtualized (pv) mode. This includes almost all Linux distributions, but contact us if you aren't sure. We will pre-install one of these distributions. There are also pre-downloaded netboot installers available for those Linux distributions and for NetBSD.
  • Boot with either pv-grub or grub2, use your distribution's tools to manage kernels or run your own
  • Rescue options: Debian Jessie Live image with SSH server or NetBSD netboot installer
  • One static IPv6 address automatically configured, IPv6 /64 subnet available for free upon request
  • One static IPv4 address automatically configured, extra IPv4 IPs can be ordered
  • Bitcoin, paypal, and check accepted