Luke Crawford

3445 De La Cruz
Santa Clara, CA 95054



System administration skills

Configuration Management systems, devops tools: puppet (2 years), Ansible (2 years), custom shell, perl and python systems (15 years), spacewalk (6 months), cobbler (1 year), PXE, DHCP and TFTP (10 years), RedHat Kickstart (started from pxe/tftp) (7 years), Debian preeseed (1 years), libvirt (2 years).

Programming languages I have used to write and/or modify production applications: python (5 years), C (10 years), PHP (5 years), Perl (13 years), SQL (10 years).

Operating Systems I have managed in a production environment: FreeBSD (7 years), Linux (13 years), BSDI (1 year), NetBSD (5 years), Mac OSX (1 year).

Virtualization technologies I have managed in a production environment: Xen on Linux Dom0 (10 years), Xen on a NetBSD Dom0 (1 years), KVM (2 years), VMware (2 months), FreeBSD jails (5 years).

revision control systems I am familar with: rcs (15 years), cvs (10 years), git (3 years), perforce (2 years).

Database and Directory servers I have managed in a production environment: PostgreSQL (10 years), MySQL (13 years), OpenLDAP (6 years).

Network services I have managed and supported in a production environment: SMTP (10 years), pop3 (10 years), DNS (10 years), SSH (7 years).

Employment History

Systems Administrator
on site at google (through, through ERG)
November 2014-Present

At Google, I was responsible for supporting, maintaining, expanding, configuring and repairing a small EDA cluster.



Principle Engineer,Inc.

I managed three employees and several contractors, while also acting as the primary operations engineer. I was responsible for setting up monitoring and responding to emergencies, in addition to my role designing new systems.



Xen and Linux Consultant
Electronic Arts
june 2008-june 2009

I reprised my role as a Xen and Linux consultant at Electronic arts.


Production Engineer
Yahoo! Inc.
june 2007-july 2008

I responded to pages from the monitoring sytem, diagnosed and repaired system problems on the (massive) Yahoo! search cluster. I used DNS to handle some failover, both bind and djbdns.


Xen and Linux Consultant
Electronic Arts
july 2006-may 2007

I designed and implemented a virtualized development environment with existing hardware. I also acted in an emergency break-fix role, troubleshooting hardware and interfacing with hardware vendors when necessairy.


Account Manager and SysAdmin
Sawed-Off Software
January 2003-July 2004

Sawed-off Software was a partnership between myself and another programmer, to engage in consulting activities and to create web applications.


Systems Administrator
CIS Data Systems/
March 2002-march 2006 is a ASP that provides websites to realtors. I was the first (non-founder) technical hire. As a systems administratior, I was responsible for maintaining our Linux and FreeBSD servers, our MySQL servers, and our network. I was involved at all layers of infrastructure; Once, building maintanince cut our T1. I was able to effect a temporary fix using my leatherman and some cat5. (We later had the phone company fix it properly, but the point is that I got us back up and running quickly.) I participated in the pager rotation.



Mail Abuse Prevention System
2000-January 2002

MAPS (now TrendMicro) operated the Realtime Blackhole List, one of the first and most well-known anti-spam dns-based blacklists. I was a programmer and System Administrator.


Staff Programmer

I joined, a Sacramento-area ISP, shortly after it was bought by I was hired on as a technical phone support person, but got myself promoted to network operations within a month.


help desk technician
American River College

At ARC, I performed maintenance tasks on a wide variety of desktop-class computers.

help desk technician
Yolo County Department of Public Health.

I maintained a wide variety of workstations for the Yolo County Department of Public Health. I did some work on the novell network, and changed the backup tapes for the ArkServ backup system. I worked with Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows95, and DOS.

jr. hardware technician
R and R Computers

I repaired computers for a small computer repair business. I worked with ISA, VLB, PCI, and EISA bus computers.